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Sore balls - of the feet!!
20Jun, 2017

Sore balls - of the feet!!

By: Jill Hunter

Neuroma is a painful condition affecting the forefoot. It involves an inflammation of the nerves due to pressure/friction from the metatarsals. Pain is often described as feeling like there is a “stone/pebble” in the shoe or a bruised feeling. Symptoms often get worse while wearing tight shoes or shoes with a high heel.

The nerve most commonly affected is between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and the pain can radiate down into these toes. The inflammation in the nerve can also influence the movement of these toes so patient with a neuroma may notice a widening of the gap between them.

Excessive pronation tends to create a very unstable foot, which causes the friction of the nerve in between the bones, resulting in the swelling. Over time, this friction causes scarring of the nerve.

Diagnosed early, a neuroma is relatively simple to treat. Improving the stability of the foot and reducing the tightness of the muscles around the area have great results. Myofascial therapy and low level laser therapy have been shown to be effective for pain relief. If the condition is left untreated, the scarring can cause permanent damage to the nerve. Surgery has very limited results without leaving enduring nerve damage.

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