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Podiatry Services Keep Your Feet Fit
17Jul, 2017

Podiatry Services Keep Your Feet Fit

Your feet are an all-time supportive basement for your body. Therefore, caring for your feet is important no matter what your age is. But, is there any specialised doctor who can look after your feet? Well, the answer is, yes. Such an expert is called a podiatrist.
Who is a podiatrist?
Podiatrist is a professional who deal with the prevention of feet disorders. The field on which they work is called podiatry. A podiatrist rehabilitates, treats and diagnose conditions of your feet, lower leg and ankles. Podiatry is the certified profession to heal all kinds of feet problems. A person can call himself or herself as podiatrist  only after complete study under a reputed university and achieving a Bachelor degree or higher.
Before treating the problem, a podiatrist will ask several historical questions which are related to your foot injuries and medication. They may also want to know your lifestyle, occupation and the type of footwears you wear. Management of problems varies from person to person, but includes a number of therapies, tools, instruments, ointments and even prescription of shoes.
A podiatrist also helps to prevent future pediatric problems especially to diabetic patients, elderly and disabled person and also to athletes.
What are the conditions that can be treated?
A podiatrist can improve your mobility through preventive measures and management of problems related to feet. The problematic conditions include foot muscle problems, bone and joint disorders and circulatory diseases. They are:
  • Foot injuries
  • Athletes foot
  • Shin splints
  • Aching feet
  • Ingrown or thick toenails
  • Corns and calluses
  • Blisters
  • Children’s foot problems
  • Cracked heels and heel spurs
A podiatrist can also advice athletic footwear to athletes and help with their occupational health.
The benefits of orthotics
A podiatrist often prescribes orthotics which is a non-surgical form of treatment. Orthotics is prescribed to specific foot problems and is common to foot which have undergone certain types of surgeries. Orthotics are actually specialised shoes which are designed to correct a person’s pediatric problem by gently supporting and repositioning the heels, muscles, arches, tendons, ligaments and bones. The shoes are made to provide a soothing surface when a person is running or walking.
Orthotics are available in various materials, with a wide range of colour and style options to pick from. They can also be designed as per the user’s needs, from athletic wear to boots.
By now you must have understood how a podiatrist operates. Then what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t have a foot problem, consider getting a checkup done.
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