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Pain in the shins!!
20Jun, 2017

Pain in the shins!!

By: Jill Hunter

Shin splints can be described as general pain in the shins caused by over use of the muscles. It is most commonly found along the front or on the inside of the shins. The muscles found in these areas control the amount of pronation that occurs in the feet, therefore the overuse of these muscles generally is caused by excessive movement of the feet.

Pain is usually found during and after activity. There is usually no swelling/bruising to speak of but the affected area is normally very tender. A cross section of the lower leg finds four compartments, each containing muscles, nerves, arteries and veins. With a group of muscles being overused, they can swell which places a lot of pressure on the circulatory and nervous systems in each compartment. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to compartment syndrome which requires surgery to rehabilitate.

Treatment involves stabilising the feet so that the muscles are needed to do less during the gait cycle. This is by looking at strapping, footwear and orthotics. It is also very important to look at improving the muscle health of the shins as well by using myofascial therapy, low level laser therapy or acunpuncture.

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