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A Corny Tale
23May, 2017

A Corny Tale

By: Jill Hunter

Patient X had been suffering from painful toes for months and it was getting worse during wintertime as she was wearing closed in shoes. Her toes were getting a little squashed and this was causing corns. She had been putting off getting these treated as she was under the impression that, to remove them, would be very painful. Patient X was convinced by her daughter to come into the clinic, as she was struggling to walk around. The appointment was relatively quick and most importantly, pain free!!  She danced out of the clinic!! 

A corn is a very simple condition but one that can create a lot of pain. It is caused basically by pressure onto the skin which makes the body lay down callus (hardened skin). This is done to protect the area so it does not blister or ulcerate. It is primarily a protective mechanism but if this pressure continues, the body struggles to know when to stop laying down the callus. This forms a hardened area that makes a point deep into the skin. So while it may look like not much from the outside, it can be pressing on the nerves underneath and making it very difficult to wear shoes. Treating the corn involves removing it, which can be done by your podiatrist. It is a quick and painless solution. We do NOT advise people to use corn pads or plasters as they most often contain acid which can eat away at the normal healthy skin and cause ulcers.

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