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About Us

Jill Hunter is passionate about helping you to stand on your own two feet and live the best life you can – pain free and enjoying life to the fullest!! Your feet are the base of stability for your entire body and its very important to make sure they are working efficiently to help you pe...

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How do we make everything better?? Our Foot Care Services

  • Gait Analysis

    To understand how the body is working, a thorough gait analysis is necessary. This involves studying walking/running and identifying where the problems occur. Jill has almost 20 years experience in examining patients gaits and can easily ascertain the source of the problem. This may be a leg l

  • Myofascial Therapy

    For a muscle to work correctly, there needs to muscle fibres contracting and expanding against each other smoothly. With overuse and fatigue, muscle fibres get micro-tears. To stop the muscle from tearing completely, the body produces scar tissue to heal the micro-tear. This reduces the effect

  • Low level laser therapy

    Once our body gets used to acting in a certain way (tight, irritated muscles/inflamed tendons), it can be difficult to get it to change the way it’s moving. Low level laser therapy works PAINLESSLY to interact with the body on an atomic level, transferring energy to the cells creating me

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What we use Our Product

  • Archies Orthotic Sandals

    Perth Integrated Health is a stockist for Archies Thongs which are a thong that offers both support, confort and fashion!!

Can I just ask.....??

Will I get a rebate from my private health cover??

Jill is registered with all health funds and, as such you are eligible for a rebate for your podiatry treatment. The amount of rebate you will receive will depend on your level of cover.

Can I use my Hicaps?

Perth Integrated Health does not have a a Hicaps system in place but you will receive a receipt after full payment that you can either take to your private health insurer or can register online to get your rebate.

What process do you use for your orthotics prescription??

Once a patient is deemed eligible for functional orthotics, a 45 minute appointment will be made to fully assess your biomechanics, to do a proper gait analysis and to cast your feet. A prescription form is then attached the the casts and sent to a lab in Perth for manufacture. Jill believes that this method allows for the most accurate and effective functional orthoses.